Awards will be given to the top 3 finishers in each division. The top 3 finishers overall will be recognized as well. Award Ceremonies will take place on the Award Stage on race day. To find out what time the winners will be announced in your city, please look at the Race Day Schedule on your city’s page!

The divisions are as follows:

Male/Female Merrell Barefoot Division
Male/Female 13-17
Male/Female 18-24
Male/ Female 25-29
Male/ Female 30-34
Male/ Female 35-39
Male/ Female 40-44
Male/ Female 45-49
Male/ Female 50-54
Male/ Female 55-59
Male/ Female 60-64
Male/ Female 65-69
Male/ Female 70-75
Male/Female 75+

Male/Female Military & Public Safety Division


Please note that you can only race in one division. You may not switch divisions after the race for the award ceremony.